Hulk Vs


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As part of The Avengers the Hulk found some of the best ways to vent his endless rage by putting it to a good use in defending the humanity.



Nobody is stronger than the enraged Hulk. Many other heroes would make you believe that they have what it takes, be that agility, cunning, razorblades for knuckles, mighty hammers and whatnot. Sure, they are fancy and all but Hulk’s rage can lift mountains and split planets in two. Anyone who dares oppose him or challenge him only puts oil in the raging fire within him as is clearly evident from the action brawler game Hulk Vs. in it the green killing machine faces the challenges of other superheroes and punishes them with worrisome ease. Meet many adversaries and show them how feeble they are.


Use Arrow keys to move, Z to Punch, X to Jump, C to Kick and Space to Smash