The Smurfs 2 – Vexy Dress Up


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Smurfette meets the Gargamel’s creations, the Naughties, in Paris. The evil wizard wants to make smurfs and needs her powers for the purpose.



Is fashion your forte? Your passion and weakness? Well, let your imagination fly and see how good designer you can be. The excellent game The Smurfs 2: Vexy Dress Up gives you the opportunity to try various outfits on Vexy, one of the creatures made by the evil wizard Gargamel in a futile attempt to come up with real smurfs. The possibilities are almost endless, as you can take care of any part of Vexy’s outfit: dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. You have total freedom in choosing what she wears and how she looks. Once you are satisfied with your design you can share it online for your friends to admire.


Dress up Vexy by choosing a background, accessories, tops, pants and shoes and then save, print or share your creation.