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The movie already hit the theaters at the end of May, now is ready for After Earth The Mobile Game to captivate your imagination with incessant action and dynamic gameplay.

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After Earth Mobile GameEven though the movie After Earth received quite mixed reception from critics and the general public, do not lower your expectations for After Earth The Mobile Game. Indeed, licensed titles rarely manage to live up to the hype build around the original medium, but maybe we have an exception this one time. In many areas the movie can be considered quite predictable and average. Ten minutes into it and one could possibly guess how the next ninety of them are going to build up and develop.

One thing cannot be denied, though – the movie has rather impressive visuals. Similar or not to Avatar it matters little, the landscapes, the beasts, the camera all are top notch. After Earth The Mobile Game uses to the maximum the potential hidden in the stunningly picturesque movie. It is inspired by the motion picture, but the game delivers unexpected twists and stunts. Twenty action-packed missions will see you running like a madman, but also gliding and flying.
After Earth Mobile Game
The Earth 1000 years from now is not a place where humans willingly go. You must show great coordination and lightning reflexes just to stay alive. Then you must display mighty courage and prowess to battle through challenging enemies. Humans and aliens alike will try to claim your life, and epic boss fights will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Quite possibly After Earth The Mobile Game is much more entertaining than the movie it is based on, but that’s only good news for the fans of mobile gaming.