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Gameloft acquired the rights to develop Despicable Me Mobile Game. One of the most adored franchises is coming right into your pocket in an effort the world has not seen before!

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Despicable Me 2 Mobile Game

Despicable Me 2 is one of the most highly anticipated movie premieres this summer. Come July 3 the theaters are bound to swell with young and not so young audience eager to see in what sort of troubles the minions will get this time. According to the previews, the plot of the second part is thick and twisted. It moves from the original story and presents the main characters in a new light without breaking away with the atmosphere of the franchise, which is nothing short of purely awesome.

That is why the announcement made by the mobile game developer Gameloft and Universal Partnership & Licensing that Despicable Me Mobile Game is going to be created for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets was even more warmly welcomed. However, of late Gameloft has delivered titles with, to say the least, dubious quality, so one could expect pretty much anything.

For starters, the game is based on the oh-so-adored by the company freemium model, Despicable Me 2 Mobile Gamewhich means that you will have to pay for a thousand small things that can make the gameplay smoother and more pleasant. To avoid any unwanted purchases change the settings of your phone or tablet to restrict Despicable Me: Minion Rush. There is a way to invoke password prompt any time a purchase is about to be made.

Other than that, Despicable Me Mobile Game is really a rush game with plenty of running. The more you play, the more diverse the levels become. The challenges ahead change, making you come up with new tactics, keeping things fresh and entertaining.