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Disney Planes will take your imagination for a flight, then for a spin, mindless dive, and breathtaking ascend among the clouds where you can have moment of respite among fluffiness.

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PlanesDisney announced that they are making another game in the world of Cars. Disney Planes will be available only for Nintendo consoles. It is set to expand the universe of the upcoming animation of the studio with the same name. Dubbed to give you a view “from above the world of Cars”, the movie was initially intended to be released direct-to-video, but at the end it will receive its proper reception in the theaters on August 9, 2013.

Three days before its premiere the captivating game Disney Planes will be released. As the movie is a spin off the Cars franchise, so will be the game. At least to a certain extent, because the world of the game is inhibited by numerous characters from Cars. At the end of the day, flying might have some similarities with driving, but it has also many differences.
So far, the information about the game has been scarce, but the developers confirmed at least this: Disney Planes will be an adventure among the clouds. There will be plenty of missions and different races. In the story mode the player must show various sets of skill, overcoming different challenges along the way, including numerous racing mini-games. Up to ten different characters will be available for the happy owners of Nintendo consoles, whereas gamers on handheld devices can choose among six planes to soar the skies with.

Nicely animated and with excellent voice acting and overall sound, the flying adventure game Disney Planes looks like a very promising way to spend a few hours of blissful gaming.