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Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z continues this legendary series of battle games, elevating them to a brand new level on multiplayer awesomeness and epic team fights.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of ZDragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z is the latest installation of the Dragon Ball series. It is a dynamic team fighting game that will be available for PS 3, PS Vita and Xbox 360. As of now, official release date has not been announced but there are indications that the game will be out by the end of March 2014.

One of the key features of Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z is the possibility for violent battles between teams. Four players can meet another four in a tightly contested battle, performing one team combo after the other. The number of characters per team corresponds to the four types or general classes available in the game.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of ZFirst among them is the melee type with devastating close combat abilities. Its counterpart is the Ki Blast type which has powerful attacks from range and can utilize the team GENKI energy in spectacular ways. Next you have the support characters with their healing abilities and buffs. The Interference type warriors can mess up with the opponents in unimaginable ways, rendering them utterly useless.

Whatever line-up is deployed, one thing is certain: great coordination and excellent teamwork are a must. There are a few team combos which can be absolutely devastating if used in the right moment, but that’s not all. The team shares common energy meter, the GENKI Gauge, which fills up with every successful attack. Once fully loaded the team members can unleash their ultimate attacks. Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z offers excellent balance between skill and tactics.