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LEGO Marvel Superheroes animates the well-known universe of mighty evil-doers and valiant – or angry, as it could be the case – defenders of what is good in a new dimension.

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LEGO Marvel Super HeroesMarvel Universe conquers all dimensions and forms!

Originating in the two-dimensional world of comic books, it came to interactive life through series of arcade games about the Punisher, Nick Fury, Captain America, etc., in the 1990s, then took by storm the big screen with the amazing movies that still are being released.

Now, the unforgettable characters conquer Legoland. LEGO Marvel Superheroes presents the well-known heroes in different light. For starters, they are smaller, despite the fact that it is a game and could have any size. They are smaller and have to admit that their scale might not fit their ambitions and reputation that well. Jokes and light-hearted atmosphere preside in the world of LEGO Marvel Superheroes and there is nothing wrong with that. Better light jokes and hilarious comments than people with powers who take themselves too seriously.

Not much has been revealed as of yet, but the trailer reveals really nice graphics and plenty of action. Well, the latter is rather guaranteed, given the nature of superheroes. It is only natural for their way to be paved with villains big and small, arch-nemeses, and evil masterminds.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
LEGO Marvel Superheroes does not deviate much from the formula followed by previous LEGO games, but one can clearly see – and appreciate – the effort put in this title. Marvel Universe is vast and complex, even confusing for those who are not familiar with its specifics, but its main protagonists are very well known. Too well even, but LEGO Marvel Superheroes manages to insert a few unexpected twists and turns in the plot that will keep your attention well occupied.