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It was announced that Man of Steel Mobile Game will be released in June. It already was and the reactions toward it are mixed, largely thanks to the graphics of the game.

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Man of Steel Mobile GameBefore the release on the new Warner Bros. movie Man of Steel Mobile Game can help you get some action on your hands. Don the mantle of Superman and fight the villains whenever necessary. There are quite a few of them and they will try to stop you in different ways. It is up to you to fight through. Man of Steel Mobile Game is a brawler, but one must not rely on sharp reflexes alone. Good planning and strategic usage of all available gear, especially of the costumes Superman can wear, are highly recommended.

There are two separate modes of play in Man of Steel Mobile Game. It is advisable to go through the story mode first in order to get acquired with the way the main character is handled. There are many cutscenes at various locations in the game, which create excellent feeling toward the movie. In survival mode you can try your best in staying alive as all kinds of enemies will come your way to crush you.
Man of Steel Mobile Game
The main flaw Man of Steel Mobile Game has are the very crude graphics. It resembles much the arcade games from the 90′s, which is strange. On average, the processing power of the smartphones today is a couple of GB and easily can process much more detailed graphics. Other than that, Man of Steel Mobile Game plays quite smoothly and, fortunately, is not a freemium game. You pay once $2.99 or $4.99, depending on the phone you have and then the game is yours for good.