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Become one of the Marvel Heroes and stop Dr. Doom from conquering the world in an engaging and dynamic ARPG MMO set in the vast universe of Marvel Comics.

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Marvel HeroesAs far as ARPG go, Marvel Heroes is quite good choice. Doctor Doom has set his plans for world domination in motion. Pick up one of your favorite superheroes and go to deliver justice online.

At least, this is how it is supposed to happen, but in reality the choice of characters is very limited. As you play – or pay, but about this a bit later – new heroes will become available for selection, but in the beginning you can easily see ten Things that look absolutely identical roam around. Changes in gear and outlook are possible, only not from the onset of the game.

Also, one should keep in mind that Marvel Heroes does not have classes in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, every hero has his or her own unique set of skills. There are not two tanks that are alike or two casters who share the same abilities. This is a cool feat, but it also presents a whole lot of problems.

Marvel Heroes
Even though most of the game can be played solo it makes little sense to do so in a MMO. Forming a working team becomes harder when you are not exactly sure what the other character is capable of. To make matters even more complicated, one hero might have the potential to do something but only if the player has invested skill points in it.

If not, a respec would be very much needed. And the re-assignment of skill points can be done only with the help of your credit card. Not bad for a free game, eh?