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It’s a pinball game with Star Wars styled tables. Surprised? Probably not, but the number of tables for Star Wars Pinball Zen Studios have announced exceeds the number of episodes in the saga.

Review / Preview

Star Wars - PinballWhen you hear Star Wars Pinball doesn’t roll your eyes with tedium. In fact, what Zen Studios have designed is a really awesome gaming experience. Starting off with three tables, the game is set to grow in several direction, covering various niches of the Expanded Universe. From the very first moment it becomes clear that the invested time, effort and creativity in designing the tables have really paid off, because their excellent atmosphere captures brilliantly the spirit of the movies.

First come the table based on the Empire Strikes Back. It was chosen because Episode V is, in the words of Neil Sorens, the creative director at Zen Studios, ‘a common denominator’ for the entire franchise. Iconic doesn’t even begin describing the movie and its impact, not to mention its fan-base. This all-time popularity connects it nicely with The Clone Wars, which is the modern face of the franchise.

Star Wars - PinballIt revived Star Wars, taking the saga from the 1980s and making it intrinsic part of the lives of yet another generation. Similarly, Zen Studios take the pinball games that were so popular some 30 years ago and put them firmly in the present realities of advanced gaming. Last, but not in terms of popularity, comes Boba Fett with his jetpack, cool armor and aura of the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Zen Studios have created a truly captivating experience with Star Wars Pinball. You will be surprised how addictive this game is, how it challenges you to play once again and then again, until the record score is surpassed. And then some more.