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Turbo Racing League comes to give you a real taste of the life of a racing snail! Inspired by the upcoming DreamWorks movie, this game will rock your shells!

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Turbo Racing LeagueAfter playing Turbo Racing League for a few minutes you will not think ever again that the snails are slow creatures. Designed with flair and vision, this game will capture your imagination, putting it up to speed for the release of the movie created by DreamWorks.

In a nutshell, Turbo Racing League is a racing game which resembles kart race. However, thanks to its unique design, it gives entirely new feeling toward the gameplay typical for the genre. Indeed, the game is designed masterfully, with the attention to detail being particularly impressive. There is an incredible diversity of snails one can choose for racing. Even if in the very beginning you cannot find the perfect snail for you, worry not. As the game progresses you can modify it further, creating the ideal racing beast.
Turbo Racing League
When the game launches you will meet Tito, who will introduce you to the basics. Choose your snail, tweak it the way you want, and go for it. Tito will take you to a short practice session so that you can get a taste from the real deal. Pay particular attention to the curves and try to master the sliding as well as you can. It will take you a long way through the races.

Talking of which, the races themselves are divided in several different categories, which makes the gameplay more diverse and interesting. However, for the most part the races could have used a little bit heavier competition. As they are now one cannot help but feel somewhat lonely, without sufficient challenge from other snails.