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Neo-Tokyo, after nuclear warfare brought destruction and despair. A member of a biker gang is given freakish psyonic powers in a bizarre accident. Powers he cannot fully control, nor understand.

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AkiraAkira is one of the masterpieces not only of Japanese animation, but of animation in general. The story unfolds in Neo-Tokyo which has seen a fair share of destruction in WW III, largely thanks to nuclear warfare. This post-apocalyptic world has various communities which must find a way to survive in the harsh reality of the future.
One such group is comprised of young bikers who race for dominion with rival gangs. Tetsuo, the protagonist of the cult anime, is a member of such gang. During one wild ride he gets into serious trouble, because the local authorities start chasing them with their robotic cops. While trying to escape he meets a young, but very wise boy called Takashi. The boy’s powers manage to stop Tetsuo, who is arrested by the authorities.

Tetsuo‘s best friend Kaneda decides to find him and his probing leads him to a series of unsettling discoveries. One of them exposes dangerously the government and its best kept – and most sinister – secret.

Directed by AkiraKatsuhiro Otomo, Akira is animation which is not made for the faint of heart. It is full of very graphic violence, wicked mutations, and disturbing scenes. However, all this violence is set in motion with purpose and artistry, not mindless desire to paint the screen red. Otomo‘s vision and flair depict a vast world, which, despite all troubles and destructive wars, is trying to find a way forward. A way of evolution or mutation, but only through adaptivity one can hope to survive in the dynamically changing tomorrow.