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The film explores the part of history when Cleopatra VII reigned as the last pharaoh of Egypt and struggled to defend the kingdom against the Roman Empire.

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The second Cleopatra movie is reportedly in development. However, it is not following any time frame as of the moment since there are a lot of things left to be settled to actually start filming it.

CleopatraFor one, the film has seen exceptional directors come and go. The project was originally tied to James Cameron who made smash hits like Titanic and Avatar 3D. Unfortunately, he had to walk away from the project since he was commissioned to do Avatar sequels.

Cameron was then followed by Paul Greengrass who also dropped the project and was replaced by David Fincher. In latest reports, Fincher had left the project as well but Ang Lee is expressing his interests to direct the film.

Cleopatra, which will be based on the bestselling book “Cleopatra: A Life?” written by Stacy Schiff, is a promising biopic that will showcase the life of the Egyptian queen not only as a seductive woman but also as a cunning politician and warrior. Thus, most people deem that there is no woman more fit for the role than Angelina Jolie.

Jolie has reportedly been eyeing the role since 2010. She is excited to reveal different aspects of Cleopatra’s life beyond just the love story which is what stories about her often focus on.
Though the movie is currently clouded with uncertainties, many people in the film industry are expressing their interest in it. Another interesting factor is that it will be told from a woman’s perspective.

Probably one of the most challenging parts is how to boost the audience appeal of the movie which deals with history. But with Angelina Jolie on the lead role, it may not be that much of a challenge.