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Incarceron is about a modern and vast prison where a young man named Flinn will try to escape with the help of Claudia from the outside world.

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IncarceronFox 2000 originally planned to make Incarceron into a movie. However, Catherine Fisher (the author) stated that Fox didn’t pursue the production of the movie and eventually dropped it in 2012. Currently, Fisher is working with Amber Entertainments to make the Incarceron movie.

With Fox 2000, Taylor Lautner was recruited to play the role of the lead character, Flinn. However, now that the project is in the hands of Amber Entertainments, Lautner has been dropped and no casting has been made yet.

Evidently, the movie is still in the early stages of production and eager fans cannot expect a release date anytime soon. This implies that the certainty of Incarceron being made into a movie has not been completely established. Nonetheless, fans are optimistic that Amber Entertainments will not drop the project just as Fox 2000 did.

The Incarceron novel where the movie will be based has gathered rave reviews from prominent book critics like The Times and Wall Street Journal. It has also become a New York Times bestseller. It was hailed as “one of the best fantasy novels written for a long time” and Fisher was identified as one of the best fantasy writers of today. All these spark curiosity and build up the anticipation for the movie.

The story of Incarceron is unmistakably one of a kind. It highlights humanity’s desire for a perfect society; thus making time cease and being stuck in the 17th century while being ironically controlled by computers. All criminals and unwanted people in the society are sent to Incarceron, the vast prison believed to be inescapable. This plot is not something you see every day, making Incarceron a movie worth waiting for.