Kill your Darlings

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Based on true events, Kill Your Darlings shows how three of the founders of the Beat movement and some of the events that led to their formation as such enigmatic characters.

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Kill your Darlings

The story in Kill Your Darlings kicks off in 1944 when Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan), Allen Ginsburg, William Burroughs (Ben Foster), and Jack Kerouac are at Columbia University. They are to become the founders of one of the craziest and incredibly influential movements in the US culture; big part of their views and values, which would lead them to revolutionary greatness, is formed in the university years.

One of the focal points of the movie is a murder, but Kill Your Darlings has so much more to offer. In brief, the story goes as follows: upon his arrival at Columbia University Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) is enchanted by Lucien Carr‘s frivolity and brilliant obscenity, for Lucien recites a classical poem and then mocks the canonical and dogmatic view of their teachers. This is enough to ignite the spark of rebellion in the heart of young Allen. The two of them, together with Kerouac (Jack Houston) and Burroughs, decide to start a literary revolution.

Kill your Darlings

However, Carr exerts another kind of influence over Ginsburg, who is seriously attracted by his invigorating fellow, but the things are not that simple. Lucien is obsessed with David Kammerer (Michael Hall), but this does not stop him from encouraging young Allen.

Kill Your Darlings is the recollection of the events from the point of view of Allen Ginsberg himself, his insights, thoughts, doubts. In other words, the viewer is allowed an intimate view in the head of a poet, who sees the world like no one else does.