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The plot of the film hasn’t been confirmed. However, there are rumors that it will either be a sequel to Terminator Salvation or a prequel for a new trilogy.

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Terminator 5

Terminator 5Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially confirmed that he will be back for Terminator 5. This is great news for hardcore fans of the successful Terminator franchise since there have been rumors going around that Schwarzenegger will be replaced by someone else for the next instalments.

Some years ago, it was announced that Terminator 5 will be released on 2011 as a sequel to Terminator Salvation. Unfortunately, due to the bankruptcy of Halcyon Company, the production of the movie was put on hold and it was picked up by other producers.

Originally, Justin Lin was recruited to direct the film. However, he preferred to helm the recently released Fast & Furious 6 which left Terminator 5 without a director even until now.

Terminator 5In other news, Schwarzenegger surprisingly claims that he will be a terminator in the yet untitled Terminator 5. This defies common logic since the plot would obviously have to go overboard to come up with a reason as to why Skynet would produce an “elderly-looking” cyborg.

Given this, many people speculate that— despite his confident claims— Schwarzenegger would instead play a human who will protect the Connor family in the 1940s and that this heroism of his to the Connor family will eventually lead to Skynet’s decision to make a terminator that looks like him. Well, this is obviously a better rationale for the T-800s than Sgt. Candy.

Among all the rumours, what stirs up the most hype is DwayneThe RockJohnson’s rumored role in the film as a terminator. If this rumor ever gets confirmed, Terminator 5 will certainly be highly anticipated.