The Legend of William Tell: 3D

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William Tell is well-known as the man who shot an apple on his son’s head. The movie will show details about his life and how he got into that situation.

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The Legend of William Tell: 3D” has also been known as “Legend of William Tell: 3D” and “Ironbow: The Legend of William Tell”. Well, the production of the movie is as undecided as its title.

In 2009, it was reported that Jim Caviezel (yes, the guy who played Jesus in Passion of the Christ) will play the role of William Tell under the direction of Nick Hurran. However, a couple of years later, Hurran was replaced by Eric Brevig as the director of the film. Jim Caviezel was also replaced by Brendan Fraser in playing the lead role.

To make film-making more complicated than it should be, Brendan Fraser and Producer Tom Moyer got involved in some scandalizing incidents. First, Moyer sued Fraser because the latter allegedly got drunk and attacked him. Surprisingly, Fraser also sued Moyer later on, claiming that the latter didn’t stick to their production schedule and should pay him his $2 million acting fee.

Well, if Fraser and Moyer ever reconcile and decide to start making the film, William Tell could be a promising, fact-based movie. It’s interesting to see how a father courageously shot an apple on his son’s head using a crossbow to gain their freedom from a tyrannical ruler. Likewise, the film can also show interesting historical facts like how William Tell started the uprising that led to the formation of Switzerland. Let’s just hope its narration style will not be as boring as usual history subjects.