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Thor: The Dark World puts the might of the thunder god to the ultimate test. A force older than the universe wants to plunge the world in eternal darkness.

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Thor: The Dark World

One year afteThor: The Dark Worldr The Avengers joint forces to repel the invasion that Loki caused with his insatiable thirst for power, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) faces one of the greatest dangers ever. Thor: The Dark World sees the thunder god face an evil that was there before the universe was created. Ancient is not the exact word, because this darkness existed before time.

Asgaard and Odin seem helpless to stop the rise of evil, led by Malekith himself. He is here with intent and vengeance on his mind. Thor must embark on the most perilous journey to find a way to stop the raising threat and forge the most desperate of alliances. One must do what one must do. Sometimes a lesser evil must be set loose to stop the greatest danger of them all.

Thor: The Dark World puts on screen excellent cast with Natalie Portman portraying Jane Foster, the love interest of Thor, and the likes of Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins. The latter two enter the roles of Frigga and Odin, respectively. To put it otherwise, Thor’s mother and father, who are not particularly happy with their son’s choice of life-partner. A nice little side-plot for an action movie, isn’t it?
Thor: The Dark World
But this twist is nothing compared to the things happening in the main storyline, which will show a side of Thor many would not appreciate too much, but even the strongest superhero has a soft spot. Besides, necessity can force the hand to do things that one would not even consider otherwise.

The hammer is expected to shake the theaters on November 8.