Kingdom Hearts III, For Xbox One And Play Station 4


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There is a lot of controversy going on online, but the official information reads this: Kingdom Hearts III, for Xbox One and Play Station 4. So far, no other platforms are confirmed.

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Kingdom Hearts IIIOne of the most frequently asked questions of the last six months is whether the new installment of the classic game Kingdom Hearts will be available for PS 3 and other gaming platforms. According to the official page of the studio, what we will have is Kingdom Hearts III, for Xbox One and Play Station 4, period.

The producer of the franchise Tetsuya Nomura confirmed as much on E3 2013, but he didn’t stop there. He said also that the game was announced way too early, given its current development stage. This premature announcement was due to the fans’ anticipation, according to Mr Nomura, but it seems that it may have the opposite effect. Instead of soothing the growing impatience it is likely to intensify it, because Kingdom Hearts III has to undergo a lot of development before the official launch or even, indeed, early testing.Kingdom Hearts III

As of now, the information about this latest installment of the epic series is scarce, but Tetsuya Nomura shed some light on the current development phase. Hardcore fans of the franchise, take a deep breath: he said that one of the most drastic changes are the visuals of the game. Before jumping to conclusions, keep in mind that this change comes with the approval of Mr Nomura himself, the man who made Kingdom Hearts what it is today. According to his words, the changes are “…a rich evolution of everything we’ve shown you up to now.”

So, Kingdom Hearts III, for Xbox One and Play Station 4, might very well be a new dawn for the glorious series!