On The Way To Adapt To The Big Screen… ‘Knight Rider’


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Emerging yet again, but maybe this time it is something more than a rumor the classic is on the way to adapt to the big screen… ‘Knight Rider’!

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On The Way To Adapt To The Big Screen... 'Knight Rider'It is not the first time that many reporters jump in excitement when they hear that something is on the way to adapt to the big screen… ‘Knight Rider‘! Yes, the iconic TV show from the 1980s is in preproduction phase, if the rumor has it right. Over the past decade alone the news about ‘Knight Rider‘ coming to the big screen have appeared quite a few times. So far, noting has materialized but it’s never too late.

For those young enough to have no idea who the Knight Rider is, he is: ‘Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world.’ With David Hasselhoff in the main role, the show about Mr Knight and his hi-tech car ran with remarkable success for four full years. According to recently released news Weinstein Co. will produce the movie, with Brad Copeland preparing the script.

On The Way To Adapt To The Big Screen... 'Knight Rider'If this information is correct we can expect the Knight Rider to hit the screens in the next couple of years. What is more, given the reputation of Weinstein Co. one can expect a truly high-quality movie and not just a sequence of mindless action scenes mashed up together.

Certainly, adapting a franchise from the 1980s to the big screen shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Reviving old successful brands is a very common phenomenon over the last, give or take, twenty years. Star Wars did it in great style, Indiana Jones and Die Hard not so much, but still made their presence felt by yet another generation.