‘The Avengers 2′ Is Set At Aaron Taylor-Johnson For Quicksilver!


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It is (almost) official: “The Avengers 2” is set at Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver! More and more sources report that he is the first choice to play the speedster mutant.

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The Avengers 2One cannot help but wonder how Marvel would pull the trick this time if there is truth in the rumor that “The Avengers 2” is set at Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver! The conundrum surrounding the character is quite intriguing, because Evan Peters is chosen to play the same character in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

If you are wondering how and why Quicksilver finds himself among the mutants of Dr Xavier and on the roster of the Avengers, here is a simple answer: he and his sister, the Scarlet Witch, are mutants, but their fate is more closely intertwined with the Avengers. This answer certainly doesn’t exhausts the topic because the things rarely are that simple in the incredibly deep universe Marvel have created over the decades. For the time being, however, it will suffice.The Avengers 2

Details of Quicksilver‘s past are not the biggest concern when it comes to the movie adaptations of the comic books. The legal agreements between Marvel Studios and Fox about the rights over PietroQuicksilverMaximoff and his sister are the real point of interest at present. Apparently, the two studios have envisioned the current situation by splitting the ownership of the siblings. Fox can use them as mutants as much as they want, while Marvel can picture them only as part of the Avengers. Sounds like the perfect deal.

Still, a question remains: if we see first Evan Peters as Quicksilver, how would Taylor-Johnson fit in? Time will tell, but it seems that Quicksilver will acquire a new power: shapeshifting.