The Captain Planet And The Planeteers Prepare The Leap To The Big Screen


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If the rumor has it right, the ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’ prepare the leap to the big screen in the foreseeable future. The spirit of Gaia will protect the land from polluters once again!

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The Captain Planet And The Planeteers Prepare The Leap To The Big ScreenAn interesting rumor made its way to the headlines of the movie industry: the ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers‘ prepare the leap to the big screen. Initially, the news was leaked by Hollywood Reporter but Sony didn’t deny any part of it. It seems that the studio is in the final stages of assembling the team of producers for the transformation of this cartoon from the 1990s, with the names of Mark Gordon, Don Murphy and Susan Montford already mentioned.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers‘ ran for more than 100 episodes not two decades ago, telling the story of five youngsters. They represent the five continents of North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, sending a message of ethnic and racial tolerance, but not only. The main reason why the five teens were together is hidden in their special powers.

The Captain Planet And The Planeteers Prepare The Leap To The Big ScreenEvery one of them has a really cool ring which commands one of the elements of the Earth. That’s right, the elements are five but they don’t follow the traditional Chinese symbolism. Earth, water, fire and air are combined with the element of the heart, representing the union between man and nature.

The five youngsters fight various villains who wish to exploit the resources of the planet, creating serious sources of pollution. Whenever the children’s powers are not enough to stop the baddy, they put their rings together and summon the fabulous Captain Planet. When you think about, this recipe is destined for glory: strong international cast, positive message to protect Mother Earth and awesome superhero. Let’s pray the release date is anytime soon.