The Need for Speed Movie Cast And Premiere Confirms March 2014


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Amidst a growing storm of rumors, wild speculations, and rising uncertainty, we finally have it: the Need for Speed movie cast and premiere confirms March 2014. Buckle up!

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Need for Speed The MovieThe Need for Speed movie cast and premiere confirms March 2014! This, and a few other details about the upcoming DreamWorks Studio production finally became officially confirmed. It was about time, because the rumor mill was spinning out of control. Seemingly everyone knew that something is going on between DreamWorks and Electronic Arts, but nobody knew exactly what, when, or how.

Even after the CEOs of DreamWorks and EA revealed their intended collaboration, the tunnel remained pretty much pitch black. What became clear of their joint announcement was that Scott Waugh will be the director and the Gatins brothers will take care of the script. No date for the premiere, no clues as per who will star in the movie, no nothing. Well, now we have it as the Need for Speed movie cast and premiere confirms March 2014.

First of all, the movie will not be based on any specific title of the famous game series. It will bring to life the steaming hot and gasoline-smelling tradition of classic car movies and will marry it to the wild spirit of the NFS series where the cars live their own life of risk, speed, and adrenaline. It will be a marriage born in darkness and consumed under the car lights, with the sound of screeching tires all around.
Need For Speed The Movie
Aaron Paul is confirmed to perform the protagonist, Tobey Marshall, with Dominic Cooper and Dakota Johnson starring next to him. Soon after his sentence is over, Tobey starts doing what he does best: racing. Only that this time it is not for money or glory, but for revenge.